Bride and groom at Hazel Gap wedding



I first met Liam and and Beth nearly 2 years ago and they were a lovely couple to work with from the very beginning – easy going, beautiful couple, lots of fun and clearly very much in love and excited to get married.

They told me that the venue would be Hazel Gap Barn and I got a little giddy as I knew it was an awesome venue and one I genuinely love to shoot at.


I met with Beth and her huge bridal party about 5 minutes from the venue in a lovely cottage where they were all getting ready. It was all systems go but Beth was super calm and it was a lovely atmosphere to be in. I was joined by Tom with his video skills and we began to capture the big day.


If you have never been to this venue, you are certainly missing out – it’s a perfect mix of open brick work, rustic beams and huge windows making it a true pleasure to photograph at.

I arrived at the barn to find Liam and his groomsmen welcoming guests and having some laughs before they were called inside as Beth was due to arrive in her wedding car.

Sunshine filled the ceremony room and as Beth and her bridesmaids walked down the aisle, I couldnt help but notice a few tears around in the room. Beth looked absolutely stunning and Liams smile went ear to ear.

After a wonderful ceremony, we headed into the courtyard for confetti and photographs on one of the hottest days of the year to date.

It was then time for drinks and laughter in the glorious summer sunshine following by a fantastic reception including champagne towers, great speeches and so much joy shared with family and friends.

An absolute gem of a wedding day and I’m so thrilled you chose me to be part of it.

I wish you both all the best

Brides Wedding Shoes on the morning of her wedding day
Bride and father arriving at Hazel Gap Wedding Venue
Bride and Father walking towards groom on wedding day
Exchange of wedding rings
Confetti at Hazel Gap Barn, Nottinghamshire
Bridal Party at Hazel Gap Barn, Nottinghamshire
Bride and Groom having fun in the sun
Bridesmaids at Hazel Gap Barn
Champagne at Hazel Gap Barn
First dance fun wedding picture
Bride dancing at Hazel Gap Barn
First Dance at Hazel Gap Barn
Bridal day prep, hazel gap wedding day
Bridal Prep at Hazel Gap Barn
Bride and Groom at Hazel Gap Barn
Just Married at Hazel Gap barn, Nottinghamshire
Groomsmen posing
Groom Speeches
Bride outside Hazel Gap Barn
wedding day party
Bridesmaids at Hazel Gap Barn
Bride in Hazel Gap Barn