Aston Hall – Sheffield

A very cool bride and groom, a trip to the butterfly House and a fairground! Oh, and not forgetting the happy story of the ceremony hedgehog! Welcome to the wedding of Taran and Abigail.

Wedding Morning

Abigail and her bridesmaids were having a very relaxed morning at her parents house and as I arrived, another bottle of Presseco was being opened – everyone was in a great mood.

After a few photos, Abigail was helped into her beautiful dress by her mum before the big reveal to her dad. Wow – what a proud moment for her dad and I’m sure there may have been a little tear in his eyes.

Butterfly House

Abigail travelled down to ‘work’ in true style in the back of a yellow VW beetle and we arrived just as the weather took a turn for the worse.

We headed into the Butterfly house and I had a bit of a shock when one of the Macaw parrots decided to fly behind me and  land on my arm during the shoot – those are some serious claws!

It was amazing to see Abigail and her bridesmaids with all the animals and birds and it was definitely a first for me on the wedding photography front.

Aston Hall

As I arrived at the Hall, I met up with Taran who was super excited that the ceremony would go ahead outside due to the weather clearing up. The ceremony area looked fantastic and had been decorated beautifully.

Abigail then arrived at the venue in her true unique style…… being towed by a vintage tractor with a 90’s stereo blasting out some tunes as they approached the hall – it was awesome!

Tarans nerves held as Abigail walked down the aisle towards him and I managed to capture a few great pictures as their eyes met.

After a lovely ceremony, it was back up to the hall for some more pictures and some craziness on the fairground…. carousels, hook-a-duck and strong man stalls to name a few!

Some brilliant speeches and dancing dads cutting some serious shapes made this a wedding to remember. Thanks for having me be a part of it guys and I wish you both all the best……. Matt