Trash the Dress

A crazy American idea but a lovely opportunity to wear your dress again , to say good bye to the years of planning that surrounded your wedding day and a great way to start your married life…..Why not ‘Trash the Dress’

‘Hang about….. This dress cost me a small fortune’

Why would I trash my dress???

The idea behind trash the dress is not about damaging the dress, but simply it is an opportunity to photograph the bride in more crazy scenarios or compromising situations which you wouldn’t have dare do on your wedding day. Just image getting out on the Moorlands of Derbyshire, or stood on the edge of Curbar ….Sounds pretty cool doesn’t it. All that said, it would be pretty damn awesome to jump into a lake or throw paint around whilst wearing your dress and capture this for you. Have a laugh and get your bridesmaids or even groom involved and have a free for all…..

If I wasn’t; your photographer on your wedding day, don’t worry it doesn’t matter, Get your dress or suits back on and lets go and cause havoc!

1 Hour at a location of your choice and 10 edited pictures ….£199