For the vast majority of a wedding day, my style is as a reportage photographer, which means that I capture your day as it happens naturally, rather than staging all the shots.

Now I know that mums and dads like a good old posed picture for their mantle piece and I’m happy to do that, but I do try and keep these to a minimum (usually around 10 posed pictures to be precise). This may sound unusual, but it’s so you don’t have to spend many precious hours posing for photograph after photograph and you can actually enjoy your day and spend time with your loved ones whilst I carry on working around you and your guests.

I like to have a short time with you later in the day to capture some stunning portraits around the venue and create some magical shots but I won’t keep you out and away from your guests for too long.

I want you to be able to look back at the photos and remember every wonderful thing about your day and for the emotions to come flooding back



I am not one for getting my camera out the second I arrive at your wedding, as the important thing to me is to ensure you and your guests feel completely at ease. I’ve made toast, fetched drinks, carried flowers and helped the lads tie their ties – it’s awesome when brides and grooms feel totally comfortable with me around. I find that the more relaxed you are, the more natural your photographs will be – genuine smiles are definitely the most beautiful.

I will mingle, I will get involved and I may even hit the dancefloor but most importantly, I will always have my camera with me and I will capture that shot!


Capturing the moment as it happens and not staging shots is really important to me and I feel it allows the day to flow better.   

I try to capture you and your family and friends exactly as they are, as opposed to me continually asking you to pose or change positions. I want your wedding day to be your day rather than it being what I direct.

I want you to enjoy your day and be able to remember everything about it!


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